Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kesha Renee`

I am Kesha Renee`
I am a mother, a daughter, a lover, an ex-fiance, a reader and writer..and some people say I am borderline anti-social with a tinge of an anger management problem. As of right now I cannot say yay or nay if I agree with them because I haven't completely found myself and if you haven't found yourself how in the hell are you going to agree with the titles given to you. I won't accept them until I have clear proof and am comfortable saying "yep that's me". As of right now, I ain't completely sold on the anti-social or the anger issues. Also, I am saved, even though sometimes it wouldn't be evident because I can boogie with the best of the bitches. BUT I'm working on that, I swear I am, I'm just not completely there yet.

I guess the main reason I decided to keep a blog of my life is because sometimes it takes looking at your own actions, decisions, mishaps, escapades etc. to see yourself for who you really are. I've tried that looking in the mirror crap and quite honestly when you know you do fucked up shit looking in the mirror isn't going to stop your behavior or make you behave, at least for me it hasn't. So I only look in the mirror to see how I look on the outside, it does nothing as far as my insides.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm no bad girl, I'm not even a good girl gone bad, I'm just a normal person, living, learning and fucking up at times. This blog is just basically a place for me to jot down my thoughts about myself, my life and anything else I put here. Hopefully none of those judgemental douche bag blog readers that I have seen around the net will come perusing over here and get on there high horse because most likely it won't be a good day for will never be a good day for it.

There is no telling what you may read in this blog (IF anyone ever decides to read it) So as of 10/16/2008, this is me Kesha Renee

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