Friday, October 17, 2008

Men and the Oh So Dumb Shit

Last night I had a conversation with this "guy". I guess I just call him this "guy" because he is someone I met recently and we aren't dating or anything, we are just getting to know each other.

About a week ago when he asked me why I was single I didn't really have an answer, I guess because I really don't know. It isn't because I don't have offers, it isn't because I am a not attractive or intelligent. I guess one of the main reasons I am single is because not too long ago I decided that I was done dealing with bullshit. I was sick and damn tired of men getting to do what they wanted and still having me being the ride or die chick. Hell if I am going to be ride or die, shouldn't the main I'm riding for be just as ride or die for me? Hell yeah he should, but it never worked out that way, there was always more of me giving and less of me taking and that shit got tired..real tired!

So last night when I was talking to him, we were again on the topic of why I was single. He says that he knows I can't be single single..I may be single but not single single. I asked what the hell is the difference between being single and single single.

..this is where the oh so dumb shit comes in

He then tells me that single single means that you are 100% single, no lover, no significant other, no one who you are committed to and no one is committed to you, but single on the other hand means you are not in a committed relationship, but you do have someone that you "mess off with".

Ain't that some ole made up by a man bullshit?

After giving me his definitions of them both, he went on to ask me, so which one are you?
So now with a clear understanding of this made up bullshit I answered that I was single single and which was he. He said that he was single (ok now he will have a bullshit add on for the bullshit answer)
He goes on to tell me that he is not in a relationship with anyone, but he does still "mess off" with his child's mother.

Now being that I have good sense, and have come upon quite a few players and undercover players, you would have thought that I would have immediately ended this conversation because the red flags of a no good man where waving everywhere. But I didn't. I finished the conversation as if he hadn't just basically told me that he has someone but he isn't man enough to admit that he does.

I decided that since I know from day one that he has possible bullshit up his sleeve, either I can let him remain just "that guy" or I can play along with his bullshit. Now being that I said I was done with meaningless foolish bullshit a while back, you would think that I wouldn't even contemplate continuing talking to this guy, but he does have a few things going for him. First off he can make me LMAO..and that is always a plus. He is nice looking, is stable and we have a lot in common. So as for now he will remain "just that guy".


RiPPa said...

Hey Kesha, thanks for comin thru my spot, and thanks for linking me in your feeds. I really appreciate it especially coming from a fellow Memphian.

Now about ole dude...


Clearly there's a double standard and I'm willing to bet that even he sees this. But unfortunately, there are men who just dont play fair.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

we all aint that way folk chk this a penchant 4 commitment

Kesha Renee` said...

@ Torrance.

yeah I know, not all..but many lol

Motorcycle Fairings said...

yeah men are so dumb!


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